Facilitation on Conservation Education- ECO-V has been successful in guiding individuals and communities to be conscious on taking action in their day today lives to have low carbon and ecological foot print to combat climate change. Novel programmes are conducted blending international experience and traditional indigenous knowledge on conservation for all age groups in all settings in the society specially targeting kids and youth. We are able to conduct awareness programmes such as workshops, presentations, exhibitions and training sessions for schools, cooperates and any institution on request. • Nature Kids This programme was initiated in 2012 by Kanchana who got inspired after reading “Last Child in the woods” by Richard Louv. Kids aged between 6-12 are trained to re connect with Mother Nature through 5 sensory organs. Outdoor space will be used for “Nature kids” programmes to get hands on experience. Special Nature Kids Holiday Programmes can be organized on request. • Nature Teens and Nature Youth Teenagers (aged between 13 - 19) are trained to be connect with Mother Nature to understand the importance of Natural Environment. Green Leadership qualities and deep environmental topics will be introduced in these programmes and these programmes are designed to gain more practical understanding of Natural world and eco system services. • Nature Parents The target audience for Nature Parents are the parents of Nature Kids, Nature Teens and Nature Youth. Overall parenting opportunities and the importance of guiding children to connect with Mother Nature will be discussed through these programmes. Parents will be guided to gain more experience and knowledge on these topics. Healthy life style (metal and physical wellbeing) of the child through Mother Nature, Being active and guide them to be with Natural world rather than spending more time with TV, Movies or video games and prevent them being obese and suffer from Non communicable deseces. • School Awareness Environmental related topics will be covered in school awareness programmes and these are conducted through workshops, exhibitions, or lectures. Any topic can be covered on request. • Public Awareness Public awareness programmes on environmental conservation and prevention of climate change related diseases like dengue, non-communicable deceases like cancer, asthma, diabetic, are conducted in the forms of lectures, presentations, campaigns, exhibitions and discussions. Our main target groups are women, youth, teachers, government departments, farmers, clergy and military forces. • Cooperate sector We have specially designed programmes for cooperate sector on Organizing Green events, Bio Diversity conservation, How to have healthy life style, How to make the working place a green place.
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