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Eco Garden is the first phase of Metta Garden which we started in 2013. It was a degraded land close to our office. Kanchana bought it for personal use but dedicated it for ECO-V training purposes right from the beginning. We recreated healthy soil, planted butterflies and Bee attractive plants while encouraging all native wild plants within the plot. Gradually we built up the concept of Metta Garden and opened it to the public in 2015 for training purposes. Today it’s a certified organic garden under Good Market . Many media programs, training sessions for the private sector and government sector were done based on the garden. Neighbors bring their kitchen waste to the garden and excess products are shared with them too. 

Metta Garden

Metta Garden (Garden with loving kindness) – This garden is designed to practice Buddhist concept Metta/loving kindness to all beings. It is a Mandala Garden with five great elements – Apo, Thejo, Vayo, Patavi and Avakasha. Consist of walking meditation paths and facilities to experience Nature using five sensory organs.

This garden is maintained for both human and other living beings for combating climate change as all living beings are suffering from climate change impacts. 


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Featured video about Metta garden on Otara Del Gunewardene YouTube channel “Would you like to create a community garden in your neighborhood too?”

At Metta Garden With Otara Del Gunewardene

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Visit her ‘Metta Garden’!

Life is a chain that is a truly wonderful and natural occurrence that takes place all over the planet and in our home gardens. The beautiful balance in life involves living beings visible and non- visible


Metta Garden India

  Same concept was introduced to New Delhi Buddhist Temple by Kanchana in 2019 and it was one of the successful stories of getting poison free vegetables for Buddhist monks and people who got stranded during Covid-19 pandemic and a space which brought mental relaxation during lockdown. 

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