"Let the kids connect with Mother Nature through five sensory organs"

Nature Kids

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The Begining of Nature Kids

Nature kids

Nature kids was started by kanchana after getting inspired by the book “Last Child in the woods” by Richard Louv.  Then she started to follow the work of Children and Nature Network. In 2012 she got the opportunity to make some personal contacts with Richard Louv and team during her  Eisenhower Fellowship visit in the USA. Soon after returning from the USA, Kanchana introduced the “Nature kids” Programmes through Good Market Sri Lanka. It was purely a voluntary activity ECO-V conducted every Thursday at Good Market. With the increased demand from kids and parents, ECO-V introduced more activities such as Nature Teens, Nature Youth and Nature Parents activity and started training more youth in conducting such programmes. KSMA award financially helped ECO-V to conduct these activities free of charge to the community. 

“It is vital that when educating our children’s brains we do not neglect to educate their hearts by nurturing their compassionate nature.” 

~  Dalai Lama~ 

Nature kids started only with 4 kids

At the beginning, Nature kids had only 4 kids and continued to grow week by week getting a lot of media attention and invitations across the country to run more programs.

Nature Kids Program Gallery

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Nature kids birthday parties and eco friendly kid's events.

Along with Nature kids sessions, ECO-V introduced zero waste Nature kids birthday parties and zero waste eco friendly events. 

Nature Kids Parties & Events Gallery

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Nature Kids India

In 2017, Kanchana introduced the “Nature kids” programme to New Delhi and it has become a popular programme now

Nature Kids India Gallery

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